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‘Significant demand’ drives Wasabi to open new data center on west coast

03 Jul 2018

Wasabi Technologies has announced the opening of its newest data center on the West Coast of the United States.

Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, the company asserts expanding its footprint to the region will benefit Wasabi’s customers in Hollywood and Silicon Valley – as well as an expanding presence in the Asia Pacific region – by providing closer proximity to its cloud storage services.

As a result of the new facility, Wasabi says customers will be able to take advantage of more connectivity options, additional data center redundancy, automatic data replication and failover services, and faster speeds with close proximity to their respective data centers.

Accompanying the launch of the new data center, Wasabi also announced expanded connectivity options to include a direct connection to the Los Angeles One Wilshire data center that serves the western US and APAC markets.

The company asserts the justification for the new connection has been driven by increased demand from media and entertainment customers that want to leverage the location for their valuable video and data assets.

"Wasabi is seeing significant demand from the media & entertainment industry where huge datasets are created with every movie or video in production, and their current storage facilities just can’t keep pace,” says Wasabi CEO David Friend.

“Wasabi’s new US West Coast data center is an ideal cloud storage solution for West Coast companies as well as a preliminary way for Wasabi to serve the Asia/Pacific market as we continue to expand our global footprint."

Wasabi partner Acembly co-founder and CEO Patrick Kennedy echoes Friend’s sentiments about the media and entertainment industry driving data center demand.

"Wasabi's direct connection to One Wilshire Boulevard is ideal for Southern California’s Los Angeles-based studios, broadcasters, and media companies to manage and access assets in a cloud based workflow whenever they need it, as fast as they need it," says Kennedy.

"Wasabi and Acembly are changing the complexion of the cloud storage industry, making it an underlying utility for the entertainment industry’s move to the cloud as a low-cost, efficient production tool.” 

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