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Bluzelle launches data delivery network to futureproof the edge

22 May 2019

A blockchain and edge computing startup called Bluzelle is about to launch a new data delivery network (DDN) that uses edge computing and distributed networks to deliver content faster than traditional networks could cope with.

“Currently applications are limited to data caching technologies that require complex configuration and management of 10+ year old technology constrained to a few data centers. These were not designed to handle the ever-increasing volumes of data that new technologies like AI, VR and 4K produce,” says Bluzelle CEO and cofounder Pavel Bains.

The company cites statistics from the Cisco Mobile VNI Forecast, which predicts that 12.3 billion mobile-ready devices will be downloading game, videos and software from the internet by 2022.

“A decentralized network not only improves throughput time but also provides a more secure and cost-effective solution. Developers can securely deploy and manage their own applications at the edge with a single touch and without having to expand the network manually,” states Bluzelle.

The company designed its DDN to operate in a similar way to a content delivery network (CDN), except there is a major difference: Instead of caching content, Bluzelle extends the data edge for applications from a single location to use a combination of globally distributed networks - thereby increasing the speed of data retrieval by more than twenty times, the company claims.

The company will use its global network of distributed noted to push data to the edge, which is designed to have data right where the customer is.

''The pain points and needs are clear - data access needs a simple, secure, cost-effective, and quick-to-implement caching technology to accelerate delivery to the edge, where the customer is. Software developers don't want to react to where their customers come from,” says Bains.

“Video games, media and IoT are all collecting masses of critical data at the edge, but delivery is hampered by existing technology, coupled with the increasing desire for near-instant access to data anywhere in the world means the future of data delivery can only ever be decentrally distributed,” says Bains.

The company is backed by Global Brain, a Japanese VC with direct connections to media and gaming companies, and its core team have backgrounds in digital media, computer science, blockchain, security, and networking. 

Bluzelle has worked on blockchain projects for banks and insurers such as HSBC, AIA and MUFG, where it discovered the need for a decentralized data storage technology that would solve the data problems related to network failures, breaches, and privacy.

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